Christmas Guide X The Head Plan

Christmas Guide X The Head Plan

The head planner honestly what can I say this brand just blows me away Its rare for me to say that I love everything from a brand but I genuinely do love everything this brand stands for and evey product is just soooo well thought out. They have multiple different products to help with organisation and mental health wellbeing. its very important to mind your mind, I know people throw that saying around a lot but it truly is even if you don't suffer from mental health it's still good to manage stress and mind your mind. And  The Head Planner has the perfect  tools for you any of their products would make a perfect gift for a busy girl boss, student, teenager and they have just launched a kids journal now too. 

About The Brand: Together with my husband, Ciaran, I founded The Head Plan, to help others become the best version of themselves. As a qualified life coach, I am passionate about helping people achieve their life goals, through the power of journaling and visualisation. Writing down your goals, practicing gratitude, and becoming conscious of your priorities is truly transformative.The Head Plan is more than our products, it’s a movement, and I really hope you can join us, and the tens’ of thousands of other Head Planners in our community. We are growing by the day, and it brings us so much joy to see the impact we are having in peoples lives. I believe in you, and your ability to live your life to it’s greatest potential. Denise & Ciaran x

Where to Shop: Shop Online at or at one of the head plan pop up store Dublin Dundrum Shopping Center and Cork Mahaon Point Shopping Center  open until Jan 

Waterbottle with positive / motivational quotes get it here multiple colours available if your like me and struggle to get your daily dosage of water this bottle is for you not only is it super cute its very company and has a strap making it easy to carry in between  meaetings or even on walks. 

The head Plan Planner and wellness journal get it here can be personalised and comes in a beautiful presentation box. Get a great head start on the new year with a diary thats designed to help you get organised, but also give you the tools you need to succeed in the new year.  Featuring a proven journaling method devised by a qualified Life & Wellness Coach, The Head Plan Productivity and Wellness Journal is guided throughout and is every goal-getters perfect companion. It’s the perfect way to tap into the clarity, motivation, focus, drive, and inspiration it takes to succeed. gratitude journal comes in a beautiful presentation box, journaling is soo good for keeping a positive headspace, when your happier you can be more productive . not only dose journaling help manage anxiety and stress but even if you don't suffer from either it is always important to mind your mind. mirror markers why not leave little positive notes around the place there easy

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